Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Glasgow Chocolate Festival

I was in Glasgow over the weekend for my friend's Hen Do. Had some spare time so I decided to find The Lighthouse to check out the Mackintosh exhibition. Little did I know they were holding chocolate classes in The Lighthouse, perfect timing!

I learnt how to make the perfect easy truffle.
300ml double cream
50g butter
300g chocolate

1. Put the cream and butter together in a pan and simmer for a couple of minutes
2. Remove from heat and add the chocolate
3. Stir it all together until it has all melted.
4. Refrigerate for 2-3 hours and shape them into balls.

You can then coat them with cocoa powder or sprinkles etc.

A French chef demonstrated how to make chocolate mousse! I have yet to try this myself....

245g dark chocolate (at least 72% cocoa)
400ml cream (200ml of single, 200ml of double)
80g whole eggs
95g egg yolk
122g caster sugar
35ml water

1. Melt the dark chocolate
2. Heat the sugar and water together at 120 degrees celcius (known as the 'soft ball' stage)
3. Beat the eggs together for about 3 mins
4. Add the sugar water to the beaten eggs
5. Choc should have cooled to 28-55 degrees
6. Add 1/4 of the cream to the chocolate and mix (ganache)
7. Add the rest of the cream and then add the beaten eggs

So one medium egg is about 56g....I may try this recipe using 3 eggs maybe! Yeah i'm lazy like that :P
We sampled this delicious mousse, with passionfruit jam and chocolate cake added to the dessert.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Girls with Glasses

Above: Mummy Yeh

Yes, typical to all Asians - Me and sister are both quite short sighted! I am the blindest of the family, even with the 'ultra thinning lens options', it is still a huge chunk of glass (I should say plastic, but glass sounds more dramatic). 

When I lived in China, I did get asked regularly  - 你近视多少度? A pretty strange question in English. In English it would be translated as ' What is your degree of short-sightedness?' or 'How powerful/strong are your lens?' Don't think I have ever been asked that (in UK) before! In China, you will never have trouble in finding an optician. Every department store will have an optician. That bianlidian down the road will have an optician. It's a good thing really, I have lost my contact lens case numerous times during my travels!

Glasses are now cool (actually glasses have always been cool!). Those hipster kids wearing black-rimmed no prescription glasses with skinny jeans and a beanie are EVERYWHERE. I have never really thought of glasses as an accessory until recently. My Korean friend had an amazing collection - wooden frame, black quirky ones, tortoise shell ones (these were proper prescription glasses btw!). Every outfit, a different pair.

I usually go for the black rimmed rectangular framed glasses. But this time I purchased a more square, tortoise shell design from French Connection (which you can't really see in the picture cos it's really hard to take a good picture when wearing glasses! ) I really want to build upon my glasses collection and I am digging those half black and half clear ones. More inspirational photos below:-

                                         For sources of course my Pinterest board

Saturday, November 2, 2013

It's the Grand Pumpkin, Milhouse

So Halloween is kinda a big deal in my office. We decorated our room with Halloween bunting, (severed limbs and weapons have been dangling above my head for one week already!) hung a glow in the dark skeleton and set up a sweet display at the entrance to our office. And carved these fine looking pumpkins! Love The Simpsons Treehouse of Horrors episodes! This T-shirt I made was inspired by Season 20 Halloween ep! The Grand Pumpkin has arrived. 

Monday, October 28, 2013

That jumper & midi skirt combo

J's outfit details: Jumper (TK Maxx), Shirt ( Principles- Thrift find), Skirt (Wallis- Mums)
R's outfit details: Jumper (TK Maxx - Borrowed from J), Shirt (Principles- Mums), Skirt (Principles-Thrift find)

I am so glad that my mum has such timeless style, usually we have at least one item of clothing/accessory borrowed from our mum. This red skirt of hers is from the late 80's and still looks just as awesome!  Luckily us girls (Me, R and Mum) are of similar size, so it's always good to have an extra wardrobe or two to dip into. Plus there is something super satisfying in pairing old vintage finds with a modern twist. These 90's crop tops are everywhere this year and I've been wearing this cropped black woollen jumper with everything - I can't help it, black really just goes with everything!

That jumper and midi skirt combo, will definitely be a staple this autumn (actually for every autumn!)  Some more inspirational photos below. The super flared skirt is so cool but don't know me being a short ass an all could I get away with it?!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Winter Wear

It's getting chilly, wrap up warm!
This vintage bag is from the 80s and definitely one of my staples : ) Thanks mum!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Strawberry Nails

It's a pretty big deal for me to put on nail varnish! And I used two different colours as well! :O I hardly ever paint my nails, whereas my sis loves too (she has waaaay more steady hands, damn artist!) R usually defaults to fruity theme nails, with strawberries and watermelons her firm favourites. Me? I used a pale lilac and did that thing where my finger ring is some other funky colour/design. Yeah I'm cool!! My painting is still unsteady, but I'm working to be as pro as the below!

                                                     Nailart pics, all stolen from my Pinterest board 

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Perfect Recipe for Banana Brownies

We have tried to make brownies on several occasions, all of which has ended with us secretly eating the evidence, not even good enough to share with family and friends. But not this time guys! I may have just stumbled across the BEST brownie recipe ever...(well actually I didn't find this recipe, a friend recommended it!) This is based on a recipe in Vegan With A Vengeance, so no eggs folks!

I couldn't find any of this fancy "canola oil" so I just used olive oil. Instead of plain flour and baking soda I just opted for self raising. And I also forgot the salt and vanilla extract....still tasted awesome though!

Besides changing some of the ingredients, pretty much followed the recipe!
1. Melt chocolate (don't let it burn!)
2. Mix the banana mash, oil and sugar together.
3. Add the melted chocolate to the mixture.
4. Sieve the flour, cocoa powder and fold into the banana mixture bit by bit.
5. Pour into tin/muffin cases.
6. 180 degrees, 30 mins

And that's it!