Monday, February 20, 2012

DIY Headband Stand - Out of sight out of mind

Me and R are huge hoarders. Our specialities are hair accessories - headbands and clips. From the cutesy hello kitty kind to emo punk bows. Often our headbands left unloved at the bottom of the drawer only to be found years later bow all crooked. Sad times indeed.

This is a quick tutorial to organise and display your headbands. It also doubles up as way to store large size clips and brooches. Really easy to make and just took us about 15 mins. Best of all no sewing required! woooot!

The plain material was ends of trousers that I modded to make shorts. Lols yes we like to keep scraps of material too. Thanks to our dad for keeping those milk powder tins. Yes the whole family are hoarders :) 

You can add a ribbon through top and tie it at the bottom, this can be used to hang large size clips. We used the top to store brooches.

And that's it. Nice and effective way to store all of your headband/clips goodness. You guys will no longer go unloved :)

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