Monday, April 16, 2012

Adventure Time Inspired Outfits

Whats not to love about Adventure Time? Seriously. Whats not to love?

We were inspired to do these outfits after seeing MaDonna's How to dress like Adventure Time post. She incorporated their individual characteristics without actually cosplaying, inspiring!

B as Finn:
For Finn the ideal outfit is all about comfort, resulting in my favourite sneakers and jean shorts. To improve the outfit I would wear a white cap. Notice the rolled up white socks, yea I pay close attention to detail
R as LSP:
LSP is definitely one of our fav characters from Adventure Time. Her insecurity ( I can be whatever he wants, I can change) her directness (I want surgery to make my body hot) and her over the top drama (Get away from my camp. I'll cut you!) make her such a hilarious character! This outfit was supposed to be lumpy and poofy, so lots of layers! And of course PURPLE! We think she’d be quite fashion conscious, especially since she follows all the latest gossip and mags, but also individual and bold. But then we thought, perhaps we’re thinking too much about it cause she doesn’t wear clothes…heck, let’s face it, she’s not even real…. ¬_¬ Anyway, we still love LSP! :D

J as Marceline: 
Well Marceline is a vampire so naturally her style leans towards gothic/punk influences.  I choose to wear dark colours: dark reds, greys and blacks. It was fun dressing up in this style- reminds me of old emo/mosher days. Maybe Emo J is back? : )

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  1. This is the cutest! You are so creative :)