Sunday, September 16, 2012

Liese Marshmallow and Milk Tea Brown Hair Dye Review

Review verdict: AWESOME :)

So after much deliberation, me and J decided to DIY our hair.
We read some good reviews about the Liese dyes~ supposed to be easy and simple to use : )

Apparently you can buy it in Mannings and Watsons....but Shenzhen stores don't seem to stock it so.... Hong Kong mission= locate dyes.

There were some good offers in Watsons Hong Kong~
A box of our fav Koala biscuits and a Liese coin purse, free with every purchase!
Mannings also had an offer, some free noodles....hmmm
In both places it costs about 75 HKD.

The instructions in the pack are really clear, in both Chinese and English.
First stage is a skin reaction test. DO NOT SKIP THIS STAGE!
Follow instructions and apply a small amount on your arm. It really does leave a blue mark! J found the Marshmallow Brown a little itchy....but when she tried the Milk Tea one, no problems. So we swapped.

It's much easier if you get someone to help you apply the foam. Only need to leave it in for 30 mins, then it's ready to be rinsed off!

To be honest, there's not much difference in colour between the Milk Tea and Marshmallow Brown. The colour is actually quite dark, only in sunshine does it kinda look like the colour on the box! Of course we were dying our black hair, so results will obv vary!

We've had our hair dyed before in hair salons, where actually it feels softer after it's been rinsed out. When using the Liese dye, our hair didn't feel any softer or dryer.

Overall we're really happy with the results and would use it again.With only paying a fraction of the cost compared to the hairdressers, who could complain? We'll probably stock up before we leave China....don't think UK has this yet!

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