Monday, December 3, 2012

Quick guide to Lianyungang - 连云港

1. Snacks street. Every city has one. 2. Handmade dumplings

3. 花果山 - Monkey King Mountain  4. A family of Spongebobs. What not to do when I have a family.

5. Port of Lianyungang 6. Local touristy goods, swear I saw these in Qingdao too. Same shit different city.

7. My colleagues. 8. Street outside my hotel.

9. My breakfast everyday. Haha, instagram makes anything looks appetizing!  10. 鸡蛋饼with 油条.

My company sent me to Lianyungang for two long months. Two months spent yearning for a good cup of tea with cake, decent shopping and a life. Lianyungang is definetly a rural city. Roads half built outside my hotel, markets on the roadside and there was no Maccy D's! (altho I did frequent the local KFC, which was the closest to 'western food'). It was a good experience, but lets hope they don't post me out there permanently!

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