Sunday, January 6, 2013

DIY Customised iPod Case

So how come you can't buy iPod cases anymore? I've searched high and low but alas, failure. Even trusty Taobao had a very limited choice...So let's DIY : )

J's hand me down iPod. It lived far too long in a pathetic, white silicon case, which did nothing to protect it from falls : (
Bought a plain case from Ebay, about £2.
I drew around the case onto some scrap bits of material. Trimming to get the right fit took some time! Actually the small frame of material around the screen area didn't work out...too flimsy and it stretched off the screen every time I tried to position the front plastic panel...So just got rid of it!
A simple way to customise your case. And also more snug of a fit! (kinda rattled in the case before :O)

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