Friday, April 19, 2013

Birmingham MCM Expo 2013

Belated post! But check out some of our photos from Birmingham MCM expo. R and B were the amazing Finn and Jake from Adventure Time. R made the hats, backpack and the adorable snail herself. Finn's hat Tutorial below! I am always impressed by her speedy sewing skills! There were quite a few of Adventure Time cosplayers, surprised how mainstream it is now! I think the highlight of the day was when a little kid screamed "Mum look it's Finn and Jake!!!!!" But was also surprised that kids watched this show too... Aw I think R and B make the best ASIAN FINN AND JAKE! 

Me and Tracy wore our yukatas. Somehow we bought matching ones, skillsssss! I styled mine with a little top hat (thanks!), vibrant pink socks and creepers. 

Some random ppl who wanted photos with us :) Whoever you guys are, I love your hair (boy) and your outfits are well cute (girls)!

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