Thursday, March 14, 2013

Yukata Inspiration

When my good friend Tracy asked if I wanted to wear my yukata to Birmingham's MCM Comic Con, how could I refuse? A yukata is a type of kimono usually worn during the summer and in festivals. I would love to wear a yukata during a matsuri, watch the hanabi and eat some amazing jap snacks.  A comic con is hardly a festival but hey in UK when will I ever have the opportunity to wear one! I've worn my yukata a couple of times already (geek alert: both times to comic conventions, ah im such a geek!) so I wanted to style mine a little different this year.  Funky with creepers or really cute with a big curly hairdo!

And how to wear one? My yukata pack came with incomprehensible English instructions. Only one thing to do, consult the all powerful youtube! Above all always remember left over rice :)

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