Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Skipton Waterway Festival 2013 - I love Skipton

I have always been too focused in moving away from England and living 'the life' overseas, that I have never really taken the chance to explore what's in my backyard. Yorkshire is so beautiful! And it was only when I was in China, all homesick, did I really miss it. This year my only travel aim is UK!

Skipton Waterway Festival is an annual festival where boats from all over the country gather in Skipton Canal Basin. All of the boats were beautifully decorated, I half expected Rosie and Jim to pop out (man I loved that show!) And some of them were pretty funky, yellow submarine anyone?!

Was a damn beautiful day to explore. Can't believe it was the first day I have stepped outside with no winter coat, an amazing feeling :) Wait for my next Skipton Adventure, Sheep Day!

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