Sunday, June 30, 2013

That Cute Bob

Nicola Warne (from Gary Pepper Vintage) & Jess Tran (from Jesslovesfred)

I think it's about time to grow out my pesky fringe. I can't remember not having a fringe - full fringe, side fringe, to the other side fringe. Yep that's my default hairstyle. But when I noticed that my two favourite Australian fashion bloggers AND my geek crush (Natalie Tran) are both sporting similar bob hairstyles (minus the fringe), I'm thinking -  IT'S A SIGN!

Geek Crush - The awesome Natalie Tran

I have tried before, growing out that fringe. But once my fringe reaches it in-my-eyes-and-ugly stage, my patience fades and it's back to square one. I'm feeling a little bit different this time round tho, this time I will arm myself with bobby pins and pin that bitch back until I am fringe-less! Hell Yeah!

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