Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Strawberry Nails

It's a pretty big deal for me to put on nail varnish! And I used two different colours as well! :O I hardly ever paint my nails, whereas my sis loves too (she has waaaay more steady hands, damn artist!) R usually defaults to fruity theme nails, with strawberries and watermelons her firm favourites. Me? I used a pale lilac and did that thing where my finger ring is some other funky colour/design. Yeah I'm cool!! My painting is still unsteady, but I'm working to be as pro as the below!

                                                     Nailart pics, all stolen from my Pinterest board 


  1. Thank you for your blog comment! Had to follow you back straight away (support my fellow BBC's!). I don't know that many BBC's other than my cousins so nice to hear from you! I'll pop back and visit your blog again soon. xxx

    1. Thanks for following and your comment :) Really lovely to hear from you too and yeah BBC!! xx

  2. lovely pics!! great look!!