Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Girls with Glasses

Above: Mummy Yeh

Yes, typical to all Asians - Me and sister are both quite short sighted! I am the blindest of the family, even with the 'ultra thinning lens options', it is still a huge chunk of glass (I should say plastic, but glass sounds more dramatic). 

When I lived in China, I did get asked regularly  - 你近视多少度? A pretty strange question in English. In English it would be translated as ' What is your degree of short-sightedness?' or 'How powerful/strong are your lens?' Don't think I have ever been asked that (in UK) before! In China, you will never have trouble in finding an optician. Every department store will have an optician. That bianlidian down the road will have an optician. It's a good thing really, I have lost my contact lens case numerous times during my travels!

Glasses are now cool (actually glasses have always been cool!). Those hipster kids wearing black-rimmed no prescription glasses with skinny jeans and a beanie are EVERYWHERE. I have never really thought of glasses as an accessory until recently. My Korean friend had an amazing collection - wooden frame, black quirky ones, tortoise shell ones (these were proper prescription glasses btw!). Every outfit, a different pair.

I usually go for the black rimmed rectangular framed glasses. But this time I purchased a more square, tortoise shell design from French Connection (which you can't really see in the picture cos it's really hard to take a good picture when wearing glasses! ) I really want to build upon my glasses collection and I am digging those half black and half clear ones. More inspirational photos below:-

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  1. Ha, i am one of those annoying people who asks people about the prescription! I am a -5.50 in both eyes, i think! I cant see a thing without my specs, and sometimes it annoys me when strangers think my glasses are an "accessory". I've had people come up to me in the clubs, asking to try my glasses on (some just snatch them right off my face!!!!) but because my lens prescription are so strong, they soon get a shock when they can't see out of them!! ha!! xxx

    1. Omg people actually do that to you in a club?!! Lol im too much of a clutz to go clubbing with my glasses - can imagine them flying of my face and someone stepping on them...

      Haha i beat you on the blindness front, i'm like -5 and -7? Woot!! xxx