Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Glasgow Chocolate Festival

I was in Glasgow over the weekend for my friend's Hen Do. Had some spare time so I decided to find The Lighthouse to check out the Mackintosh exhibition. Little did I know they were holding chocolate classes in The Lighthouse, perfect timing!

I learnt how to make the perfect easy truffle.
300ml double cream
50g butter
300g chocolate

1. Put the cream and butter together in a pan and simmer for a couple of minutes
2. Remove from heat and add the chocolate
3. Stir it all together until it has all melted.
4. Refrigerate for 2-3 hours and shape them into balls.

You can then coat them with cocoa powder or sprinkles etc.

A French chef demonstrated how to make chocolate mousse! I have yet to try this myself....

245g dark chocolate (at least 72% cocoa)
400ml cream (200ml of single, 200ml of double)
80g whole eggs
95g egg yolk
122g caster sugar
35ml water

1. Melt the dark chocolate
2. Heat the sugar and water together at 120 degrees celcius (known as the 'soft ball' stage)
3. Beat the eggs together for about 3 mins
4. Add the sugar water to the beaten eggs
5. Choc should have cooled to 28-55 degrees
6. Add 1/4 of the cream to the chocolate and mix (ganache)
7. Add the rest of the cream and then add the beaten eggs

So one medium egg is about 56g....I may try this recipe using 3 eggs maybe! Yeah i'm lazy like that :P
We sampled this delicious mousse, with passionfruit jam and chocolate cake added to the dessert.

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